We invite Parishes and School to take part in this virtual event with your own community! Here are a few of the topics and activities that you can expect! 

Session 1 - Personal Holiness : Theme intro and bringing the light of Christ into our own lives. Have your lamps trimmed and ready. We don't know the darkness we will face, we don't know how long the darkness will be, or when the Bridegroom is coming. We are only in control of our preparation and readiness. BE VIGIL!

  • Theme intro and reflection 
  • Group competitions
  • Flash Mob...that's right Flash Mob! 

    Session 2 - Pro-Life Advocacy: Pro Life is Pro Light: Bringing the light of truth to the grey areas of conversations about life! A session lead by representatives from Louisiana Right to Life. 

    • Learn to answer the tough questions
    • Test your Life Facts Knowledge 
    • Zoom Q&A with LARTL leaders! 

    Session 3 - Vocation: Where is God calling you to bring his light? 
    • Vocation Video - Fr. Josh Johnson and Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia
    • Zoom Q&A - Vocation Panel
      • Sister, Priests and more will join us 

    Session 4 - Personal Conversion/Wrap Up: Christ is the Light in our Darkness
    • Video Witness: Dr. Kathy Allen with Black Advocates for Life
    • Candlelit Adoration at Locations